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I am an Intermediate Body Control Pilates Instructor. I trained in London with Body Control Pilates@ and qualified in July 2004. I am a member of the Body Control Pilates Association, widely seen as a quality standard for Pilates teaching. All members of the Association adhere to a strict Code of Practice to ensure the highest teaching standards and professional ethics. Body Control Pilates teachers are also set apart by the way in which every client is assessed before starting classes and in the way that they teach exercises in a progressive way, gradually adding more complex moves, to build strength and flexibility.

As part of the membership it is necessary to complete at least 100 points annually towards my CPD (continued professional development) and I am fully insured.


Specialist areas include:


Body Control Pilates ‘Pilates & Pregnancy’

Body Control Pilates ‘Pilates & Osteoporosis’

Body Control Pilates Standing

Body Control Pilates Control and Balance

Pilates for the older person.

Pilates for men.

Pilates on the ball, small balls and therabands, toning circles workshops

Pelvic Floor Workshop Feb 2005 and June 2010

As well as numerous course/ lectures at annual Development weekends in London, studying anatomy in greater detail looking at the roles of specific muscles and facia and their effects on our bodies.





For approximately 9 months I have had the pleasure of being taught Pilates in one of Claire Day’s classes. Claire’s small classes are always friendly and informal, however include full and clear instructions, along with gentle physical corrections by Claire when needed. Having small classes enable Claire to offer almost 1:1 instruction and support. Thank you Claire, your advice, guidance and support has helped me to prepare for hip replacement surgery and create a greater awareness and strength in my body. L.J. E. Haughley

Having been advised by my Osteopath (I have a long standing lower back problem) to try Pilates and recommending Claire Day, a few years ago I joined her classes. Pilates has now become a way of life – her teaching methods are second to none. Her classes are in a very relaxed and friendly environment (no more than 7 people) and aged from young to seniors. Nobody is made to feel they are unable to perform any exercise as Claire is always aware of each individual limitations. These exercises have certainly made a difference to my way of life as to how I tackle certain tasks. The body has become more mobile and flexible together with learning to breathe correctly. Time is taken to explain all moves in an interesting and useful way. I am quite convinced her regime of exercises before and after a recent hip replacement enabled me to be back on my feet in a relatively short timescale. S.V. Cotton

I have been attending Pilates classes with the instructor Claire Day for over four and a half years after undergoing various operations and surgical procedures on my neck and spine. Since my first lesson I became aware of her knowledge, expertise, care and interest in all of her clients, most of whom were experiencing problems either as a result of wear and tear or recovering post operative interventions. Claire was recommended by both my surgeon and osteopath and is often attending seminars and lectures to extend her excellent repertoire of exercises. Always cheerful and patient, one leaves her lessons invigorated and definitely more supple! Thank you Claire for all the help over the years.                    S da C Brettenham

 Pilates it makes a difference. After many years of trying to find a Pilates class and without any success I tried to practice the art by following books and DVD’s at home. On moving to Suffolk over seven years ago I was lucky enough to meet Claire Day whilst she was distributing leaflets advertising classes which she was holding in her studio at home.

I have been going to Claire for over 6 years now and the difference it makes to my well being is phenomenal. After only a few weeks of attending Claire’s classes I found that I could run up and down stairs again! My family and friends noticed that after a few months my posture and shape had improved, making me appear younger than I had previously looked. The ability to keep up with our grandchildren ranging from six to nineteen years of age speaks for itself.

Claire’s professional approach is unquestionable as she takes into account her student’s general and physical health whilst conducting her exercise sessions. Claire pays particular attention of keeping herself fully aware of each member’s changing circumstances. The group, (of never more than seven), are prompted by Claire of how individual members should approach the exercise taking into account their physical condition and the level they have attained. This never impinges on the flow from one exercise to the next.

Claire frequently attends various courses which enhances her knowledge on the practice of Pilates but also other topics that help her, and she in turn passes onto her clients, in the understanding of maintaining a healthy mind and mobile body. The group sessions consist of members of varying ages, I being seventy two years of age and younger members in their early thirties. Claire has the art of making us all feel equal by enabling us to attain our potential. Claire ensures that the studio is always of a comfortable temperature and has a relaxed atmosphere. Her gentle and soothing voice guiding clients through the exercises gives a most rewarding and satisfying experience.

Claire once confessed to us that she would have loved to have taken a full body photograph of us all when we first attended her class and one now just to show what a difference Pilates has made. How I wish she had. But then I know all her clients are fully aware of what they have each personally achieved. What more can a satisfied client say.

C.M. Rattlesden