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I have had two spinal operations in the last five years due to osteoarthritis. If it was not for Claire I wonder if I could function normally.  I had 1.2.1 sessions with Claire before and after surgery and am now enjoying her weekly classes. I’m 72 years old.

-AL Beyton

I was suffering with acute lower back pain when a friend recommended Claire to me - her gentle tailored pilates approach has helped me build core strength and 3 years on I am pain free. Highly recommended.
-EW Harleston

Pilates with Claire has had a massive impact on my life.  Since joining Claire's class, I am no longer suffering with daily pain and feel much more agile.  Claire is an amazing teacher who makes you instantly relax and feel at ease. Because she keeps her class size small, Claire knows all of her clients well and is very mindful of which exercises different clients can do.  I look forward to my hour every week where I get to switch off and escape from the craziness of the outside world! 

NW Drinkstone

I have been going to Claire’s Pilates class for 15 years. It keeps my back problems at bay, exercises my mind and gives me an hour switch off at the end of a working day. 

AM Needham Market

Claire is an attentive teacher and has options for all ability levels. The small class size provides a non-intimidating and relaxed environment where other participants are friendly and approachable.

EJ Tostock

I’ve been attending Claire’s Pilates for over 10 years now. It keeps me agile and flexible. My core strength is so good that I was able to waterski first time up on skis the other year. But equally as important it gives me time out each week

- FP Norton

I always look forward to my Pilates with Claire. The classes are very friendly and Claire puts us through our paces with great expertise.  She is very knowledgeable about the muscles and joints and with any luck she will keep me supple and active for many years to come!

JS Drinkstone

Claire’s pilates classes have been a superb way of keeping my lower back issues at bay and improving my core strength and posture. Brilliantly taught each week by Claire and great fun too!

ND Woolpit

After prolapsing my disc for the 2nd time. I decided to take up Pilates with Claire. 5 years later I keep asking myself why I didn’t do Pilates sooner as it has literally transformed my quality of life.
I can now do exercises I could never do when I was young. Claire is a legend. Her understanding of Pilates is second to none and it’s always reassuring to know you are in careful hands.
-SH Rattlesden

Claire has small classes and adapt the exercises to the abilities of each person. Her classes are great fun and have made a huge difference to my overall strength and fitness.
-JL Elmswell

Claire’s Pilates class is exceptional - friendly skilled teaching which is personalised and yet challenging, epitomises all that is good about Pilates.
-LM Woolpit

My Pilates class is an oasis in my week. Claire plans her classes carefully, taking account of individuals needs and capabilities, and with small classes we all benefit.
-SW Cotton

I was recommended Claire’s Pilates classes from a friend in our village who has been going for over 10 years ! What a recommendation! Recently I have had a bulging disc in my lower back, Pilates is a good therapy to help... 6 weeks in and I am already feeling the benefits of Claire’s classes. Claire has an amazing calm attitude and a passion for Pilates, and also so helpful,  patient and caring. 

I can see this being a Long term benefit for me, feel very fortunate to have a place in Claire’s class
-JD Elmswell

At 66 years old, and decidedly inflexible, I have just completed my first term with Claire - now bending better (if not like Beckham), and thoroughly enjoying the sessions which are fun but make sure you improve each time.
-JW Hunston

Claire takes into account each clients needs and limitations and works the exercises in seamlessly to suit all levels of ability.  I’ve been going to classes for 16 years and appreciate what Claire does for me, as an 80 year, to keep supple, fit and active. Thank you Claire. 

-CM Rattlesden

I have been seeing Claire for almost 5 years, pilates has really helped my back and I'm much more supple. The classes are friendly and personal to individual needs. 

-RC Woolpit

Claire is a highly qualified and extremely passionate Pilates instructor. I was really nervous of group exercise, however she made me feel welcome and able. The small groups are great fun, exercise routines change weekly and Claire focuses on us all as individuals. My core  strength, flexibility and posture have significantly improved. I can’t imagine my week with out Pilates class!

-SB Wetherden

An excellent teacher who always takes account of an individual’s needs or problems during a lesson. I wish I had started Pilates lessons earlier!! 

MH Wyverstone

Attending Claire’s pilates classes has made such a difference to me and my body feels so much stronger now. Claire’s wonderful instruction and supervision means that I always feel confident during the classes and always leave a session feeling so much better than when I started! Thank you Claire.

ED Rattlesden

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